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Paper holder customization to form a production line

Company news| 2021-12-13|admin

    The first step of the pulp molding line is to make waste paper into a certain concentration of pulp.

    The working principle is as follows: the raw materials are manually put into the conveyor, crushed by the hydraulic pulper, pumped to the slurry tank, adjusted to the concentration required for production, then adjusted to the required buckling degree by the thermal mill, pumped into the slurry tank to add oil-proof and waterproof additives, and then pumped to the slurry tank.

    (1)Paper holder customizationProduction line - hydraulic pulper

Hydraulic pulper is a new rotor designed based on the principle of hydraulic eddy current. The structure of the pulper is optimized to reduce the power consumption of the equipment. The optimization of the groove and baffle structure enables the pulper to fully mix the pulp and generate strong eddy current at low input power, which enhances the friction between the fibers and ensures a constant dredging effect. The machine has the advantages of high efficiency disintegration, high bottom slag content and high disintegration concentration, and the maximum disintegration concentration can reach 10%.

    (2) Pulp self washing vibrating screen forming production line

Self washing vibrating screen is a kind of screening equipment to improve fiber quality and screen out various impurities mixed in fiber. The machine has the characteristics of simple structure, strong slag discharge force and low noise.

    (3)Pulp customizationProduction line - mixing tank or mixing tank

The mixing tank is a slurry storage facility composed of a tank body and a 304 stainless steel mixer equipped with a pressure reducer, which can ensure that the fiber does not precipitate in water and the fiber slurry concentration is uniform during the production of pulp molded products. 304 stainless steel, carbon steel and plastic cans are available.

    Industrial packaging pulp forming machine,Paper holder customizationIt is a machine that takes pulp as raw material, adsorbs the pulp on the mold of the product through vacuum, adjusts the time to make various products reach a certain thickness and dry wet ratio, and produces paper support products through mold turnover,, demoulding and other processes.

    The automatic discharge molding machine uses the servo module to move the dehydrated products out of the molding machine and put them on the receiving platform, which reduces the labor intensity of operators, improves the production efficiency and enhances the operation safety. Using touch screen, PLC program controller, electrical components and pneumatic components, the equipment has good performance and low failure rate.

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