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Structural analysis of paper plastic paper holder

Company news| 2021-12-13|admin

    Paper holder,Paper plastic paper holderThe edge structure of paper holder and environmental protection paper holder includes edge structure, flanging structure and double edge structure.

    1. Environmental protection paper holder: small edge structure paper holder

    In the structural form of small edge paper holder, the edge size is usually 8-15mm. The force and buffer effect of the small edge structure in the edge direction are related to the edge length and deformable space. It is mostly used for fixing and buffer under the bearing mode, and is suitable for the application conditions of light weight of the packaged goods. The buffering function of the structure is the packaging form in which the paper molded products are more finely pulled and packaged through the edges and side walls. The top surface of the product is usually flush with the open end surface of the paper molded packaging structure or slightly lower than the upper end surface,

    2. Paper plastic paper holder: paper holder with turning edge structure

    In the paper support form of turn over structure, the edge structure extends to the outside and forms skirt turn out, so that the paper support structure forms a relatively complete outer wall in appearance. Generally, in order to make the packaged product contact with the mesh side of the paper holder, so as to ensure the accuracy of packaging and fixed size, and make the flat mesh side appear on the outer surface, it is ideal to use the flanging structure.

    The load-bearing and deformation of the paper support in the edge direction are not only related to the edge and deformable space, but also closely related to the change of the lateral structure in the edge structure. The change of the lateral structure of the edge determines the quality of the lateral load-bearing and cushioning performance of this structural form, especially there are many alternative forms of the lateral structure, It has great flexibility to adjust the buffer performance in this direction, which provides convenience for buffer design.

threePaper plastic paper holder: borderless structure paper holder

    The buffering effect of borderless on the side is mainly from the selection and treatment of the whole. The lateral wall surface of the surrounding structure can be inclined or perpendicular to the load direction, and can be adjusted through this angle to obtain the required cushioning effect. The paper support cushioning packaging liner with borderless structure is mainly used in the cushioning packaging at both ends of the packaged products, and most of it is in the packaging form of symmetrical structure. Its application example is shown in Figure 6-2. This structural form is convenient for the placement and removal of products during packaging operation and consumption. The borderless structure can effectively control the impact of structural changes on the cushioning effect, and reduce the local deformation caused by edge stress deformation and the failure of product fixation in the package. The paper holder with borderless structure is convenient for the processing and assembly of paper mold.

     4. Paper plastic paper holder: heavy load structure paper holder

    The paper holder with heavy load structure is mainly used to bear load. The paper supporting die structure in this structural form can obtain the bearing capacity and required overall rigidity of the structure either by increasing the thickness of the die or by increasing the arrangement density of the side of the die. Heavy load structure paper support is more than the packaging of heavy products and collective packaging in transportation packaging.

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