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Application and development of packaging paper holder in drug product protection

Company news| 2021-12-14|admin

    For a long time, blister packaging has taken the lead in the field of drug packaging by relying on many advantages, but the disposal of plastic blisters is easy to pose serious environmental problems. In this context, all Paper support packaging Follow the trend.

    The rise of all paper packaging

     Since the 1930s, drug blister packaging has been developed and applied in Europe. Due to its long storage period and easy carrying, this packaging has been welcomed by pharmaceutical enterprises and consumers. Blister packaging also has obvious advantages in gas barrier, moisture permeability, health safety, consumption efficiency, dose accuracy and prolonging the shelf life of drugs, With the continuous updating of packaging technology, a new type of all paper packaging mode, which is more in line with the period, also appears. By the end of the 20th century, all paper packaging had become the mainstream in the packaging category of high-end injection products in Europe and America. The highly customized and personalized humanized full paper packaging design began to emerge in the field of drug packaging and led the trend of green environmental protection. Since around 2000, the EU has gradually strengthened its efforts to restrict the use of plastic products. In March 2019, the European Parliament approved a new law, announcing that the use of disposable plastic products will be completely stopped by 2021.

    This law has expanded the obligations of consumers, strengthened pollution, and prompted the whole pharmaceutical industry to face up to the compliance of packaging and the importance of green environmental protection.

    China is one of the largest generic drug markets in the world, and the consumption and packaging of drugs are mainly imitation. Since the late 1980s, the method of drug blister packaging began to expand rapidly in China. The concept and method of full paper support packaging also entered China in the early 1990s and have been applied in some high-end drug packaging, such as high value-added vaccines, insulin, monoclonal antibody products and biological macromolecular targeting products. Since 2007, relevant national departments have gradually implemented the plastic restriction policy, and China has gradually realized the serious pollution of plastics to the environment and the heavy cost of remediation. In 2020, the government issued an upgraded version of the "plastic restriction order", which carefully defined the detailed standards of prohibition and restriction management. Influenced by the promotion of domestic policies and the progress of ideas, the market tends to use green and environmentally friendly materials to replace plastics as packaging materials, and all paper packaging is slowly beginning to appear on the stage of China's pharmaceutical packaging industry,Paper support packagingBecame a new favorite.

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