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Analysis on price fluctuation of paper plastic paper holder Market

Company news| 2021-12-14|admin

   From the perspective of market operation, ChinaPaper plastic paper holderPrices fluctuate. Among them, market supply and demand, industrial policies and cost factors are the main influencing factors to promote price fluctuations.

    In the first half of 2017-2018, with the implementation of the industry's "waste prohibition order" and the imposition of tariffs on American waste, the price of upstream raw material waste paper increased significantly. Driven by costs and profits, the market of paper plastic paper support products was active and the price reached new highs.

    From the third quarter of 2018 to the first half of 2019, due to the global economic slowdown, Sino US disputes and other macro factors, the downstream demand weakened, and the cost side waste paper price continued to decline simultaneously, resulting in a sharp decline in the market focus of China's paper plastic paper support products.

    Starting from the second half of 2019, the paper plastic paper support products operate around the cost and supply and demand side, and the price is slightly revised upward. Among them, the corrugated paper market fluctuates between 3000-3300 yuan / ton, and the box board paper operates between 3700-4100 yuan / ton.

    In 2020, the market was first restrained and then raised. In May, the paper plastic paper support market panic fell to 2954 yuan / ton and the box board paper fell to 3660 yuan / ton. Then, with the Chinese market taking the lead in recovery, various industries actively resumed work and production, with strong demand support. Corrugated and box board paper opened an upward channel. By December, the price of corrugated paper rose to 3617 yuan / ton and box board paper rose to 4569 yuan / ton.

    China in 2021Paper plastic paper holderThe market prices of products have risen sharply, mainly because the waste paper market has officially entered the era of "no external waste" since 2021. The supply of raw material waste paper is tight and the price is difficult to reduce. Under the influence of cost support, corrugated and box board products operate at a high level. At the same time, external factors such as public health events and extreme weather continue to disturb the market, the operating rate of paper enterprises is low and the supply is tight. According to the statistics of Longzhong information, as of November 2021, the average annual price of paper plastic paper support products was 4071 yuan / ton, and the average price of carton board products was 4872 yuan / ton in 2021, both at a high level in recent years.

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