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Several common problems in customization of mobile phone paper holder

Industry news| 2021-12-13|admin

 Paper plastic paper holder is a new type of packaging that is very environmentally friendly and applicable at present, so many products are gradually beginning to use paper holder as packaging, and paper holder packaging usually needs to be customized according to their own products, as shown belowMobile phone paper holderSupplier kesino will share with you the common problems of packaging paper holder customization customers!

    1. Why can't I make the color I need or do it well?

    Most of the dyeing of paper plastic paper holders is based on the original pulp, and the pulp preparation process participates in the water-based dyes. First, with the suspension of consumption, the change of pulp concentration also leads to the change of dye concentration, Second, most dyes are very sensitive to temperature (the color also changes with the change of drying line temperature in the drying process, and the dye will change at different temperatures when the mold temperature is 150 ° ~ 250 ° during hot pressing). In conclusion, products with high color requirements are not suitable for dyeing.

    2. Why is there a slight crack on the appearance of this product?

    When the paper plastic paper holder is formed, the pulp fiber is naturally adsorbed layer by layer in a mass, and the liquid pulp will not flow out in some grooves, resulting in the thickness error between different positions after the paper holder is monotonous and the specified thickness in the design. Then, when the paper holder is extruded by a strong external force during high-pressure shaping, the local fibers from the uneven internal and external thickness to the outer layer will break, From the appearance, it appears as a slight crack. This phenomenon will not affect the strength of paper support packaging, so it is affordable in the industry.

    3. Why can't I add a buckle to hold my product?

    The paper plastic paper holder is closed up and down during forming and shaping, and there must be a certain draft angle. The wet product cannot take off the mold during forming, so the paper holder cannot be designed with reverse buckle position.

    4. Why do different paper holders have different hardness?

    Mobile phone paper holderThe fundamental shockproof and cushioning principle of is completed by using loop structure and reinforcing rib position. Therefore, different design structures of the same slurry will have different shockproof strength, and the texture will be different by hand. Different sizes are used for the same model mold, and the texture will also be different by hand due to the different length of pulp fiber and shrinkage characteristics. Therefore, before we select raw materials and design plans, we should let engineers know the shockproof specifications required, so as to design different loop structures and reinforcement positions according to the shockproof requirements.

    5. Why is it flangingMobile phone paper holderAre there good and bad burrs around the product?

    Flanging structure products are formed with flat edges. When forming vacuum naturally adsorbed pulp, the edge of the mold is a stainless steel filter screen. After the agglomerated pulp fiber is adsorbed, the edge will be in an irregular cotton wadding shape, which is formed due to the uncontrollable process. After shaping and flanging, the burr will turn to the side, which will not affect the packaging, and will not be used as a consumption control element in the industry. Assuming that the customer has high requirements for this, edge cutting can be used to cut off the rough edge with a knife die.

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