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Future development prospect of paper holder manufacturers

Industry news| 2021-12-13|admin

    Policy is the biggest advantage of the project development. The issuance and implementation of plastic prohibition and restriction orders at home and abroad provide a broad market space for the development of industrial globalization, forming a market pattern of production without worry and insufficient sales; The encouragement and support of the development and reform, agriculture, science and technology, finance and other departments of the government have laid a solid foundation for the rapid expansion of the industry; In addition, the promulgation of the 14th five year plan clearly included the comprehensive utilization of straw and the prohibition and restriction of plastic in the five key projects and six key actions, providing a favorable and reliable policy guarantee for the development of the project!

    Raw material advantages:

    The raw materials required for pulp molding can be obtained nearby. Reed, straw, cotton stalk, corn, sugarcane, bamboo, wheat and palm can be used as raw materials for pulp molding. The materials are simple and the cost is low. At the same time, the utilization of straw is conducive to solve the safety and environmental problems caused by incineration. The reuse of straw resources can generate income for farmers and kill two birds with one stone!

Environmental protection advantages:

    The significance of environmental protection not only means no pollution, but also saves resources, especially the utilization of non renewable resources, which has always been a topic of discussion in the international community. Straw fiber products use renewable straw resources as raw materials. Straw such as wheat, corn, rice, reed, cotton, sugarcane and bamboo are high-quality raw materials. These raw materials are born in nature, and finally degrade naturally, return to nature, inexhaustible and inexhaustible. Therefore, pulp molded products are really environmental protection containers from nature!

    Location advantages:

    China has a vast territory, with a north-south cross latitude of nearly 50 degrees, and a diversified climate. It is suitable for the growth of crops, such as wheat, corn, rice, reed and cotton. It is suitable for the growth of temperate monsoon climate and temperate continental climate. Sugarcane and bamboo are suitable for the growth of subtropical and tropical monsoon climate, which provides a large amount of straw for the South and North and reduces the cost for the procurement and transportation of raw materials.

Product advantages:

    Molded pulp,Paper plastic paper holderThe product has its unique advantages in terms of foam, plastic (generally refers to PP material), starch and so on:

    (1) Renewable raw materials. Straw is a renewable resource, and for China, both oil and grain are scarce resources, so there will be less and less polypropylene and grain available, the supply of corresponding products will be reduced, the price will increase, and will eventually be eliminated by the market.

    (2) Easy to store. Pulp molded products can reach 98% dryness after drying, and will not deteriorate after long-term storage; starch products contain protein, which is easy to mildew after contact with air, so it is not easy to store for a long time.

    (3) Completely degradable and pollution-free. Generally, PP tableware can not be degraded; while starch products are mostly mixed with talc powder (i.e. calcium carbonate), only some of them can be degraded, which will still cause pollution; foamed tableware, it goes without saying, can not be degraded at all. Therefore, pulp molded products are truly environmental protection products!

    (4) Higher safety. Straw tableware in pulp molding fully meets various requirements of food containers. No chemical additives are added in the production process, which is not harmful to human body. However, other tableware do not meet such conditions, such as foamed tableware, which will produce harmful dioxin at 65 ℃, which can cause cancer; PP and starch tableware should be added in the production process Add calcium carbonate to increase their stiffness and strength, and calcium carbonate is the component of lime, which is also harmful to human health.

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