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Application of pulp molding in furniture industry

Industry news| 2021-12-13|admin

    Molded pulpFurniture is divided into two categories

    1. According to the requirements of the process, it is directly molded into some simple furniture.

    2. The molded furniture parts are suspended from assembly through the connector to complete the functional requirements of the furniture.

    Raw material configuration: molded furniture mainly uses waste paper and waste paperboard as raw materials. Newspapers, periodicals, books, all kinds of packaging paper, office paper, advertising paper, cartons and so on are raw materials. The raw materials are beaten with water, and then the pulp, additives and additives are mixed in a certain proportion. After deletion, purification and other treatment, they are mixed into a stock pulp with a certain concentration.

Process flow: waste paper sorting → beating → purification → sizing → preparation of sizing agent → pressure forming → dehydration → monotony → furniture parts

    1. Additives: during the consumption of pulp molded furniture products, add an appropriate amount of additives according to the data and performance required by the furniture, and design reasonable support ribs. Additives include:

    2. The reinforcing agent can improve the compressive and flexural strength of the product, significantly improve the strength and tensile force of the product, improve the physical properties, and improve the flatness at the same time.

    3. Colloid can make the product tough without shrinkage and deformation, and improve the water resistance of the product.

    4. Pigment: add colored pigment according to the color requirements of the product.

    5. Insect repellent, which can prevent insects.

    6. Elastic additives to increase the elasticity of parts.

    What are the design elements of pulp molded furniture?

    1.  Molded pulp The biggest advantage of molding is that it has little impact on the environment, so it is often selected as the ideal data of environmental protection products.

    2. There are two kinds of untreated pulp: Brown pulp and gray pulp. Brown pulp is usually processed from kraft paper, and gray pulp is synthesized from recyclable printing paper. In contrast,  brown pulp has better strength and recoverability.

    3. The pulp molded product is in the form of thin shell.

    4. One side of the monotonically formed product in the air is lubricated (the side fitting the mold), while the other side is rough, so the product details are usually added on the smooth surface (the side fitting the mold), such as identification and clarification words.

    5. Wet pressing method can improve the appearance quality of waste products; Hot pressing not only improves the appearance quality, but also reduces the permeability of the product.

    Green design and humanized design are the themes of furniture design in the future. While reasonably using waste paper to consume molded furniture parts, we should also comprehensively consider the negative effects in the consumption process of pulp molded furniture, pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages. Truly complete the green design and humanized design of pulp molded furniture products.

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