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Design of cosmetic paper holder packaging products

Industry news| 2021-12-14|admin

    In recent years, with the soaring price of packaging paper and the maturity of 3D printing technology, pulp molding has obtained another good development opportunity.

    In view of the current situation of packaging product design in pulp molding industry, especially the cosmetic paper holder, a design specification based on the unit structure of pulp molding products is proposed. This design specification is helpful to the standardization and design of pulp molded products and improve the efficiency of pulp molded products design.

   Wall thickness: the average thickness of side wall and supporting surface of cosmetic paper support pulp molded products.

    Draft angle: the included angle between the side wall of the structural unit of pulp molded products and its demoulding direction.

    Buffer height: the minimum distance between the two bearing surfaces of the structural unit bearing the load.

    Fillet: the fillet at the intersection and corner of the structural unit wall of pulp molded products.

    Upper and lower packaging: when the packaged products are placed normally, they shall be packaged with upper and bottom pads.

    Front and rear gaskets: when the packaged products are placed normally, the front and rear bottom gaskets shall be used for packaging.

    Corner pad type: packing with corner pad.

    Overlapping pad type: two or more pulp molding pads are overlapped and packaged as a whole.

    Positioning dimension: the dimension of the pad positioning module.

    Support area: the surface area of the part of the cushion that plays the role of bearing and cushioning.


    Product appearance:

    1. The surface of the product shall be clean, dry and free of impurities, holes, cracks, folds, scales and other damages.

    2. Cracks are not allowed on the front of hot formed products.

    3. Paper products are allowed to have mesh patterns on the front and slight ripples on the back.

    4. Products of the same batch shall have uniform color without obvious color difference.

    5. The product shall be free from peculiar smell and mildew.

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