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Paper plastic paper holder manufacturers where to find?

Company news| 2021-12-14|admin

    A set Paper plastic paper holder the production line is composed of multiple system units, including pulp system → molding system → drying system → hot pressing system → edge cutter. The system is also equipped with vacuum pump system and air compression system.

    1. Pulping system

    Main equipment: pulper, 1.7m3, 22KW; Vibrating screen, 0.9 ㎡, 3KW; Agitator, 2 sets; Slurry pump; Water pump; Control cabinet, etc.

    2. Forming system

    The forming machine has 1 forming template and 1 transfer template in total, and the template size is 800 × 660mm, forming efficiency of 2-4 plates / min, equipped with vacuum automatic drainage system and automatic mold washing system: equipped with automatic control cabinet.

    3. Drying system

    Overall dimension: 30080 × one thousand eight hundred and fifty × 3600mm, the conveying chain plate has one layer, heating by sections, multiple burners, the temperature of each section can be adjusted independently, French or Italian burners are adopted, LPG, gas and diesel can be used as natural materials, and automatic control cabinet is equipped.

   4. Paper plastic paper holder hot pressing system

    The dried product is hot pressed and shaped. There is a main machine, and the size of the template is 600 × 480mm, power: 6kW, with counting function and safety device, the pressure and temperature can be adjusted, and the gas-liquid pressurization technology is adopted; Equipped with control cabinet.

    5. Trimming machine

   The equipment for repairing the edge of the product is optional equipment, which can be selected as needed.

   6. Auxiliary equipment

   Vacuum pump system: 18.5kw, 1 set;

   Air compression system: air compressor (15 kW, 1 set), cold dryer and filter.

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